My First Yarn (Lion Brand Yarn Homespun Review)

I remember it like it was yesterday. My first yarn wasn't one that I specifically chose, but it was one that I learned to enjoy and think of fondly when I pass it in the yarn aisle.

When I first learned how to crochet, the very first yarn I ever used was Lion Brand Yarn's Homespun.  I remember sitting with my sister and learning to crochet with whatever yarn she had to spare from the current project she was working on. It was this soft, painter-ly colored yarn that immediately told me it was going to feel cozy as soon as I finished whatever project I had in store for it.

After that first time working with Homespun, I worked on many scarves and beanies using that yarn. I love how soft it is to the touch and the wide variety of colors it has to offer. I also love how this yarn isn't quite chunky and yet still gives me that chunky feel to my garments. The yarn itself is interesting to work with. It took me a little time to get used to because of the construction of the yarn. You'll notice that when you cut it, the ends do fray a bit so that can sometimes be a bit annoying. Overall, Homespun is such a versatile yarn that can be used for multiple projects: scarves, beanies, shawls, etc.

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 Esa, made with Lion Brand Yarn Homespun in Shaker

Esa, made with Lion Brand Yarn Homespun in Shaker