Pattern Review: Bodhi Life Creations -- The Varsity Yoga Bag


Hi friends! Today’s post will be a pattern review for a fun crochet pattern that I recently tried out by Taylor from Bodhi Life Creations. A few weeks ago, Taylor posted to her Instagram that she published a free pattern for this fun yoga bag. I recently got back into practicing yoga, so naturally this pattern caught my eye. I don’t consider myself a yogi, but I’m a sucker for accessories for activities that I participate in. ;)

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At first I decided to bookmark this pattern because I didn’t really have a need for a yoga bag because my mat came with a drawstring strap. Well, it’s as if the yoga gods and crochet gods were colluding because soon after I bookmarked this pattern, my drawstring strap broke! And because I’m a little bit stubborn, I convinced myself that I could manage with a broken drawstring strap. Plus, last I checked, my local craft stores didn’t sell the type of yarn Taylor suggests in the pattern and I’m not patient enough to buy online. Lo and behold, the yoga and crochet gods were not done with me because on a recent trip to my local Michaels store, sitting in the yarn aisle were the Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn -- the exact yarn Taylor calls for in her pattern.

“OK, Universe. I hear you. You want me to make this pattern.”

Can we talk about how glad I am that the “stars aligned” and that I was able to make this pattern? Taylor’s pattern is pretty easy to follow and uses very simple stitches with the majority of the stitches used in this pattern being double crochet and the body being treble crochet stitches. I really appreciate that she is very thorough with her instruction by providing a few step-by-step/progress photos throughout the pattern. I also appreciate that Taylor gives a little note at the beginning of the pattern informing you of the adjustability of the size, letting you know that this pattern can easily be tailored to your own yoga mat.


I’m also glad that I held out on making this yoga bag until I was able to grab the Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn because it is a great fit for this type of project. I think if I had tried to go with a different type of yarn, I wouldn’t have yielded the same result and would have been a little disappointed. The yarn is a nice, sporty material that stretches a bit to allow for just enough give when actually carrying your mat around.

All in all, I was extremely happy with this pattern and my new yoga bag. I’ve gotten so many compliments from friends and family after seeing photos of my final product with a few already asking me if I’ll be making any to sell in my shop or gift to them. ;)

Are you a crocheter who is also a yogi? Check out Taylor’s pattern and carry your yoga mat in this fun bag too!