Product Review: Yarn Valet -- yarnBowl & yarnDispenser

Hi friends! Welcome back to my blog. Today, I’ll be bringing you a review on some products that I’ve been really loving and have found to become a staple in my toolset.

**This post is NOT sponsored by Yarn Valet. Links in this post may contain affiliate links.**

Ever since I started crocheting, I absolutely hated how my skein of yarn would flop around while it was being unraveled or going through the process of: pulling slack of yarn, crocheting a few rows, stopping, pulling slack of yarn, crocheting a few rows, etc. etc.

Do you ever find yourself in this same situation? How annoying is it for you? For me, I finally decided that I wanted to invest my money in a yarn bowl. But I couldn’t quite figure out what type of yarn bowl I wanted. I knew I wanted one that was pretty and sturdy, but couldn’t find one that I was in love with.

During my research for something to hold my yarn while I crochet, I came across the family-owned company, Yarn Valet. It’s like the yarn gods knew my needs even before I realized them and placed Yarn Valet in my Instagram feed that day as a little nudge. If you’ve never heard of Yarn Valet, they are a family-owned company that makes yarn and knit tools. They’re based here in the United States and supports an awesome work center for individuals with intellectual disabilities. (Learn more here.) Yarn Valet is sold online through their website and Amazon, as well as in your local craft stores such as Michaels, Joanne’s and Hobby Lobby.

Currently, Yarn Valet offers 6 items for your yarn needs: yarnBowl, yarnDispenser, yarnballWinder, yarnKeys, Pattern Holder Plus Storage, and Stitcher’s GPS. I own the I own the yarnBowl and yarnDispenser and so far they’re my favorite things to use.



The yarnBowl is a great, affordable alternative to a ceramic yarn bowl. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to buy myself a nice, ceramic yarn bowl, but I’m waiting until I find just the right one that I want to display in my craft room. Yarn Valet’s yarnBowl is nice, lightweight and gets the job done. I love that I can use it at home in my craft room or on the go. The “foot” of the yarnBowl is lined with rubber to help keep the bowl from sliding around, which is great when your yarn decides to not pull as smoothly from time to time. I find that I use my yarnBowl most with my centerpull yarns. I wouldn’t recommend using it with skeins/balls that you pull from the outside as they’ll end up flopping around in the bowl itself and eventually out of the bowl.




The yarnDispenser is my favorite tool to use from Yarn Valet. Much like the yarnBowl, it is also lightweight, portable and has rubber under the foot to keep it from sliding around. I find that I bring the yarnDispenser with me when I’m crocheting on the go (and if you’ve read my previous post on Where I Crochet, then you know that I crochet on the go ALL. THE. TIME.). I love that with the yarnDispenser, I can simply place a skein/ball of yarn straight from packaging and start crocheting or even place a wound ball of yarn and crochet. It’s a very versatile tool. I find that when I’m not using the yarnDispenser for crocheting, I also use it in conjunction with my yarn winder on my desk. I’ll place the skein/ball on the yarnDispenser and thread it to the yarn winder and will get a good tension for winding. It’s pretty great.

All in all, I would definitely recommend these products for purchase. I’ve been eyeing the yarnWinder and yarnKeys for my next purchase. Hopefully I'll get my hands on those and bring you another review!

Do you own any products from Yarn Valet? Which are your favorite products or are ones that you’re thinking of purchasing? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below!